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"Violetta is regarded as an Everest of operatic roles and Amanda Kingston proved more than up to the climb...  a supple, agile, alluring instrument that is more than capable of meeting the legendary challenges of the part, namely the flights of impetuous coloratura in Act I; the midrange conversational passages that give way to spinto outbursts in Act II; the weighty pathos and then the limpid lyricism of Acts III and IV. Vocally, the singer has all these effects in her arsenal... The San Jose public has been blessed to have an artist of her caliber on their opera stage this season...   Amanda’s two strongest assets are her rock solid, searing flights above the staff that filled the auditorium with plangent, vibrant sound; and her heart-breaking pathos with which she imbued the self-sacrificial moments. She clearly understands and communicates the text, and there is not a note out of place in her secure technique that is even from top to bottom.... one of the best sung Violetta’s on display anywhere." (Opera Today, 2018)

"As the “swallow” of the title, Amanda Kingston presented a Magda that embodied all that one could wish in this part. First, she is a statuesque beauty with a glowing, poised stage presence. More important, Ms. Kingston is a Puccinian dream of a singer with a plush, vibrant top voice characterized by creamy, luxuriant tone that is even throughout the range. Her vocal appeal is such that I mentally made a list of all the heroines I would love to hear her lavish with her artistry. Moreover, Amanda has an easy, unforced demeanor that is highly engaging. Her treatment of the famous Doretta’s Song in Act I was ravishing in its aural beauty."  (Opera Today, 2017)

"As Adina...  Amanda Kingston was a revelation!  Her formidable voice was gorgeous, powerful, expressive, while her acting skills were fully shown in her body language and those glorious eyes and red lips."    (Living Out Loud LA, 2017)

"As Mimi, slim and agile soprano Amanda Kingston has a radiant, expressive voice, so it's no surprise that young writer Rodolfo, tenor Dane Suarez, would instantly fall for this comely waif who crafts flowers out of paper."  (Houston Press, 2016) 

"Amanda Kingston's Mimi has an embarrassed giggle and a unique warmth in the upper register...  excelled musically in the most passionate moments."

(The Columbus Dispatch, 2016)  


"Amanda Kingston was a vibrant Gilda, with a voice that stands out with distinction. She has a clean technique but also captivated with a passionate risk taking. Her voice is bright, as seen in a lovely rendition of "Caro nome," but this Gilda isn't a mere pretty canary. Kingston gave her a backbone with her soaring voice that carried all the drama of the work with vigor and truth."

(The Times-Picayne,, 2015)


“… The evening belonged to Amanda Kingston as Lucia.  Her powerfully emotive soprano instrument thrilled the audience every time she opened her mouth…  her performance of the infamous mad scene was completely absorbing…  She brilliantly showcased Lucia’s vulnerability, heartbreak, and anguish, leaving the audience moved.” 

(Broadway World Online, 2014)


“Josephine is immaculately sung and played by Amanda Kingston.  Her histrionic overacting keeps the audience giggling as she pursues everything her heart desires.  Her opulent and sumptuous soprano voice is decadently radiant and powerful, showcasing brilliant classical technicality.”

(Houston Broadway World Online, 2013)


“Amanda Kingston was stunning as Violetta Valery.  Impassioned, and well in control of her role’s technical demands, she displayed an impressive dramatic versatility garnered from extensive stage experience.”

(CVNC Online Arts Journal, 2011)


“A lovely, statuesque artist who has a soaring soprano voice… she has star wattage.” 

(Jack Neal Music Review, 2009)

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